New York

This city challenge covers Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Complete all five routes to win gold, silver, or bronze.

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Distance: 24.4 miles
Elevation: 864 feet


Complete all five routes, a total of 24.4 miles.

Van Cortlandt Park

3.4 miles

Van Cortlandt Park is New York City’s third largest park. The park is home to the country’s first public golf course, the oldest house in the Bronx, and the borough’s largest freshwater lake. 

Central Park

6.1 miles

Central Park exudes a romantic charm that few can resist falling in love with. It is the most visited urban park in the United States, with an estimated 42 million visitors annually; it is also the most filmed location in the world. The park affords interesting vistas and walks at nearly every point.

Brooklyn Bridge

5.9 miles

Some would say the heart of the city! Epic location and perhaps one of the most instagram friendly sights so be sure to bring your phone. The Brooklyn Bridge offers amazing views of Manhattan and Brooklyn, which were still separate cities when the bridge opened back in 1883 becoming the first roadway to connect the two cities. Enjoy! 

Prospect Park

3.5 miles

Prospect Park is the second largest public park in Brooklyn and was opened in 1867. Widely known for its intricate manmade watercourse (wetlands) and its trees, the bulk of Brooklyn’s remaining indigenous forest, the park is a highly functional green space.

Rockaway Beach

5.4 miles

Rockaway Beach—one of New York’s finest and most fun beach towns—is located on the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens, NY. Aside from the sand and surf, you can find great shops, affordable food trucks, outdoor bars, and some of the best tacos in the city.


Finish the challenge in one day for gold, in one week for silver, or in one month for bronze.



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