How it works.

A. Entry

1. Buy an entry ticket

Add a city challenge (and a t-shirt if you wish) to your cart. Continue to checkout and follow the payment process provided by Shopify Payments.

2. Download instructions

After the purchase, you will receive an email to download the challenge PDF file. It includes all the instructions, as well as maps and GPX files for tracking.

3. Do the challenge

Complete the challenge according to the instructions. You may walk or run – alone or with friends. Share your journey on Instagram with #racefive.

4. Report your results

Click the "Report Results" button from the PDF file and submit in the form. A list of results will be published at the end of the year.

B. T-Shirt (optional)

1. Buy T-shirt

Pick your color and size and add the tee to your cart. Shipping is added at checkout. Note: The challenge entry is not included in the t-shirt price.

2. Wait for delivery

All shirts are printed after purchase to avoid product waste. Delivery time is 3-5 days + shipping. Standard shipping times for North America, UK, EU, Japan, Australia and New Zealand is 1–2 weeks.

3. Wear your tee!

Your tee should arrive to your mailbox. Share your victory pose on Instagram with #racefive. Tag @racefive if you wish to get published on our channel.

Common Questions

What is required for gold/silver/bronze?

Gold = finish the challenge in one day or less
Silver = finish the challenge in one week or less
Bronze = finish the challenge in one month or less

There's no possibility for us to police results and use of medals. We'd like to trust that people are honest about their performance. So if you want to complete the challenge in a longer time frame, or show off a gold medal without earning it, we won't stop you.

Where do I start the route?

Each route has a suggested starting point and our instructions are based on this. However, feel free to start anywhere along the route as long as you follow the route direction and return to your starting point.

How do I find my way around the routes?

There is a map for each route with instructions, images, and a GPX file. Read the instructions and look at the images before starting so you can plan ahead. Open the detailed map on your phone's browser and zoom in if necessary.

Unfortunately, we don't have the permission to label/mark all routes. That's why we recommend tracking your position during the challenge. There are two ways to do this:

1. Open the map for the route with your phone. Press the little target button in the lower left corner to activate GPS tracking. Note: This function is not 100% accurate and may show an incorrect position at times.

2. Use the GPX files included for each route with your favourite tracking app (Strava, Runkeeper, Garmin). There's also a free and simple app called "GPX-Viewer" available on the App Store or Google Play.

Will I be disqualified if I deviate from the route?


We try to make the routes simple to follow, but we understand it may be difficult to follow the intended route 100% of the time. So don't worry if you accidentally make a detour. Sometimes you might even be required to deviate from the route if there's construction work or other obstacles.

What's most important is that you make up the total distance of the route. For example, you need to complete at least 5 miles on a 5-mile route.

Are the routes illuminated?

Yes and no. There are routes/sections without lamp posts. We recommend that you complete the routes when the sun is up; if you do race in the dark, then be sure to use a headlamp. Remember to always stay safe!

Can I participate with a stroller?

Yes. But there are some sections with narrow paths and stairs that require extra caution. It's also ok to deviate slightly from the intended route to get around any obstacles as long as the total distance is on par with each original route.

How do I report my results?

First, make sure you've completed the entire challenge. Enter all results on the Report page (link in PDF). You may also include the result link from your tracking app. However, this is optional.

When and where are results published?

Results are published at the end of the year.

When do I get my t-shirt?

Your t-shirt will arrive within 2–3 weeks after purchase if you're based in the USA or Canada. International customers may have to wait up to 5 weeks.

Is it safe to pay with my credit card?

Yes. We use Shopify Payments (Stripe) as a payment solution. They process all transactions and sensitive information. Stripe is one of the largest payment providers there is. It's also possible to pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

How long are the challenges open?

The challenges are open all year around.

Share your journey #racefive

Share your journey #racefive

We frequently publish our participants’ journeys around the world. If you'd like to inspire others and have a chance to be published, use the hashtag #racefive and tag us @racefive on Instagram.